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Are you interested in visiting or experiencing a farm stay? Come and join us! If you are interested in coming to the farm or need any further information please email us directly.

Our commitment to sustainable practice and our historic property offers a unique way to experience farming. We are proud hosts for the Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOFERS) network and offer working farm stays through the programm - QU258 - WWOOF host. Over the years we are happy to have had a lot of amazing people at the farm helping us out and even staying friends for years afterwards. You can also join us at Facebook.

We have a large dam for recreational use - swimming, relaxing and fishing. We also have a boat that we use to go fishing swimming and snorkeling out of the daintree world heritage area. We commonly see a wide range of wildlife including crocodiles, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, sea eagles and even had the chance to snorkel between a large school of manta rays. We use Biodynamic Preps with our organic systems. The work would include planting, weeding, propagating, harvesting, fruit picking, animal care and day to day farm chores. The accommodation is in our adjacent self contained cottage and buildings.