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Organic Produce

All our produce at Stannary Hills Organic Produce is Certified Organic and grown using methods in accordance with the Australian Organic Standard, conforming with the Australian National Standard for Organics and Biodynamic Produce and in accordance with the ISO65 accreditation program as accredited by IOAS. Stannary Hills Organic Produce also holds a compliance certification with the Freshcare Code of Practice – Food Safety and Quality 3rd Edition.

Organic certification ensures that the product has been grown without potentially harmful chemicals. Organic systems work in harmony with nature to protect our environment we all share.

The only way you can be assured you are buying genuine, organic products is if you buy products with the Australian Certified Organic logo (affectionately known as the ‘bud’) because it is Australia’s organic industry’s leading logo and guarantee of organic integrity. Every step of the process (from paddock to plate) is audited according to the Organic Standard.

Stannary Hills Organic Produce also holds “A” Grade Organic Status and Freshcare Quality Assurance Certifications.

We pride ourselves on producing the finest organic Tea Tree Oil, where each batch is rigorously monitored and refined continually during the harvesting and distillation process.