Stannary Hills Organic Produce

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Stannary Hills Organic Produce Pty Ltd is family run business committed to the production of a nutrient dense quality food, rich in vitamins & minerals and the production of content livestock that are not only certified organic but enjoy the benefits of natural behaviours  that free range paddocks provide.   We believe organically grown produce is not only better for the consumer but also better for our environment, protecting our world for future generations to come.

Organic Farming

All produce here at Stannary Hills Organic Produce are grown using methods in accordance with the Australian Organic Standard and conforms with the Australian National Standard for Organics and Biodynamic Produce and in accordance with the ISO65 accreditation program as accredited by IOAS.  In layman’s terms – Stannary Hills Organic Produce also holds a compliance certification with the Freshcare Code of Practice – Food Safety and Quality 3rd Edition.